About Us

About LPG in Nigeria

LPG in Nigeria is a Social Enterprise with a building block of advocacy to share information on LPG that guarantees growth and usage of LPG while creating a level playing field for LPG companies in Nigeria. Our framework encourages community engagement with the right elements to disseminate necessary information to help the LPG ecosystem.

LPG Charter of Benefits

It is an established fact that LPG has a number of practical and environmental advantages over other fuels. It is portable, efficient, safe and emits virtually no soot.

  • LPG & Health: is a clean burning fuel that help reduce urban air pollution.
  • LPG & Climate – LPG emits virtually no black carbon and is as clean as natural gas.
  • Economic Growth: LPG is a driver for economic growth, especially in rural areas.
  • Resource Efficiency: Most LPG produced is a co-product of natural gas and oil extraction
  • LPG Efficiency : People count on LPG because it provides instant, reliable, constant and transportable energy.
  • LPG & Energy : LPG is a key component of a sustainable energy

Our Objectives include.

  • To reach 20 million new users and assist in providing 5kg cylinders equipped with burners free of charge to aid the switch to LPG (Cooking Gas) in Nigeria from 2020.
  • To aid LPG players along the value chain function more effectively as they collaborate on the platform.
  • To disseminate factual information to the industry in conjunction with Regulatory authorities, Governments and organized private sector.
  • To provide business intelligence and consultancy services to businesses in the LPG sector
  • To assist in the increase of LPG usage in Nigeria and West Africa at large.