DPR seals 13 gas stations in Akwa Ibom – How to get your DPR permit.

How to DPR Gas plant permit

DPR seals 13 gas stations in Akwa Ibom

The Department of Petroleum Resources (DPR), Eket Field Office, has sealed 13 cooking gas stations in July for illegal operation.

Mr. Victor Ohwodiasa, the Operations Controller of DPR in Akwa Ibom, disclosed this to the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Eket on Thursday.

Ohwodiasa said the cooking gas stations were operating illegally and their facilities were not licensed by the department in the state.

Before you continue the read from marineandpetroleum.com, go through these simple steps to get your DPR Permit for your LPG plant.

Step 1:  Go to DPR website – https://www.dpr.gov.ng/index.php

Step 2: Go to the Electronic Licensing and Permit System – ELPS – https://elps.dpr.gov.ng/Dashboard

Step 3: Commence the process of registering your company and then process your DPR permit.

How to DPR Gas plant permit
DPR Website


ELPS - DPR LPG Plant Permit
ELPS – DPR registration interface


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Now back to the story on the sealing of LPG plants in Akwa Ibom by DPR

“We have identified 13 illegal facilities in the state and we had taken steps to close them down,” he said.

He said the department would sensitize and enlighten the public and operators to safe handling procedures of cooking gas.

Ohwodiasa warned cooking gas operators not to operate facilities without a license.

He noted that any licensed facility by the department must have gone through several safety checks before getting approval.

Ohwodiasa advised the cooking gas operators to stop decanting, (illegal transfer of cooking gas from one cylinder to another).

“For the safety of life and property in Akwa Ibom, we encourage everyone to ensure that we do not compromise those illegal cooking gas facilities that are conducting decanting,” he said.

Ohwodiasa said the practice was illegal and dangerous, that was why the DPR did not approve facilities to carry out such a process.

He appealed to the public to always buy cooking gas from only the DPR’s licensed facilities.

Ohwodiasa also encouraged the public to report suspected illegal practices by the oil and gas industry to the department.

He noted that the department would set up a task force to conduct routine surveillance to check the illegal practices of the oil and gas industry in the state.

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