Clean Fuels: Ghana leads advocacy for harmonised specification in Africa

Africa has an undisputed advocate for cleaner energy in the person of Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, Ghana’s Deputy Energy Minister in charge of Petroleum, who has been at the forefront of the charge for cleaner fuels on the continent.

In his latest intervention delivered at the 14 Oil Trading and Logistics (OTL) Africa Downstream Conference in October, Dr Amin Adam wooed African countries to “show more commitment towards a harmonised transition to low sulphur fuels specifications across the continent in the shortest time possible.”

With a professional career spanning over two decades focusing on political and energy policy, Dr Mohammed Amin Adam, Deputy Minister of Energy in charge of Petroleum, for the Republic of Ghana, is arguably one of Africa’s most vocal advocates for energy efficiency and institutional development.

Possessing a significant footprint in extractive resource management and advising on resource economics, policy and governance across Ghana, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Tanzania, Senegal, South Sudan and Kenya, Dr Amin Adam has been an ardent campaigner for energy security and sustainability on the continent.

Mindful of the need for a collaborative approach towards tackling Africa’s energy issues, Dr Amin Adam has worked extensively to forge alliances and is at the forefront of regional and global petroleum resources organisations. He is the Founder of the Africa Centre for Energy Policy (ACEP), an energy policy think tank, an advisory based organization working with global partners to harness the potential of Africa’s vast energy resources.

As a member of several global energy initiatives including the Sustainable Development Solutions Network, a global initiative of the United Nations; Dr Amin Adam’s expertise has been further authenticated by technical contributions to the Columbia Centre on Sustainable Investment; The World Bank; top-ranking Ivy League Colleges and international platforms such as Chattam House, the Brookings Institution and the Woodrow Wilson Centre among others.

In his capacity as former Energy Policy Analyst at the Ministry of Energy in Ghana, he invariably contributed to laying the foundation for the country’s transition to cleaner fuels through pragmatic policy frameworks and implementation outlines.

His initiatives as the Deputy Minister of Petroleum have not gone unnoticed. Upon assumption of office in April 2017, Dr Amin Adam immersed himself in the effort to transition Ghana from high sulphur fuels to low sulphur fuels, a remarkable feat as the first nation in West Africa to do so ahead of regional powerhouse, Nigeria.

Consistently over the years, Dr Amin Adam’s astute leadership at the helm of affairs in the Ministry of Energy have been documented with significant milestones such as the 2017 Climate and Clean Air Award for Outstanding Policy to the National Petroleum Authority of Ghana, for putting in place low sulphur diesel standards to reduce vehicle emissions.

In 2017, at the continent’s downstream oil and gas showpiece event, Oil Trading and Logistics (OTL) Africa Downstream Conference held in Nigeria, Dr Amin Adam made a clarion call for African countries to transit to cleaner fuels and reiterated the importance of collaboration in the petroleum downstream especially within the West Africa sub region.

In October 2020, during the 14th edition of the OTL Africa Downstream Week held virtually, Dr Amin Adam raised the tempo of his advocacy for the most topical issue being discussed at all levels in Africa’s downstream petroleum industry – energy transition and the imperative of harmonising fuel specifications on across the continent. He appealed to African countries to show more commitment towards a harmonised transition to low sulphur fuel specifications across the continent.

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