How much Nigerians paid for LPG in February 2021

lpg retail prices

How much did you sell or pay for LPG in the month of February 2021?

During the course of the week , we asked Nigerians via our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, how much they bought or sold LPG in the month of February, below is the summary;

lpg retail prices
LPG Retail prices in Nigeria – February 2021

Surprisingly, the highest cost of a 12.5kg LPG was N5,200 in Benin City. Raymond from Benin lamented that he couldn’t remember the last time he bought LPG at the price. The lowest price was at Ibadan at N4,125 per 12.5kg, followed closely by Lekki at N4,200 per 12.5kg

Interesting facts emerged from respondents online through our social media handles.

Temitayo from Ojo stated that he sold for N380 per kg. Yahaya Saurayi from Gombe stated that he bought at N5,000 per 12.5kg. We also had Odubela Paul from Ijebu East Ogun, who stated that he sold at N370 per kg. Abraka wasn’t left out with Osazee Omoike, who stated that he sold at N354 per kg.In Bauchi, Muhammad Al-Shamrani stated that he bought at N4800 per 12.5kg.

Charles Obi who is a seller at Ikorodu mentioned that he hasn’t bought LPG at the same prices since September because prices always change, he however stated that he sold at N380 per kg.

Toke @Ollaitan on Twitter mentioned that he sold at N4800/12.5kg at Ilorin

Ifeanyi stated that he sold at N15,000 per 50kg in Ogba which drew a lot of responses as many questioned the authenticity of the information and integrity of the product.

Mr. Benjamin in a response to one of the responses on Twitter mentioned that LPG is being sold at Ogba at 14600 for 50kg to distributors, as others responded to the possibility of selling a 50kg at N15,000.00

We also got a response from Maiduguri from Cee Jay daniel @Ceejaydaniel1 who stated that he buys at 5k.

Sunday Owolabi and Oluwaseyi Samuel also mentioned that they bought at 400/kg in Ogun and Ondo respectively.

Local depot prices have continued at the same level with the lowest price around 5,650,000.00 at Apapa NPSC depot ( a government-run depot)  and the highest price at NAVGAS depot, also in Apapa.

International prices which affect local prices have continued to be on an increase as the world becomes more optimistic about COVID19. Another factor affecting prices is supply in the market – we currently have few cargoes available from the US as a result of the last winter effect. LPG prices have touched 500USD last week, we hope prices would bounce off to normal pre COVID19 levels soon.


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