How much Nigerians paid for LPG in March 2021

LPG retail prices for March 2021

How much did you sell or pay for LPG (cooking gas) in the month of March 2021?

During the first week of April, we asked Nigerians via our social media pages on Facebook and Twitter, how much they bought or sold LPG in the month of March and came up with interesting insights, see summary below;

LPG retail prices for March 2021
LPG retail prices for March 2021

Where we got multiple prices for a location, we use the average price. Surprisingly, the highest cost for a 12.5kg LPG was N5,600 in Port Harcourt, followed closely by Delta State at N5,500, although Asaba at N4,800. Maiduguri which is arguably the farthest from the LPG depots sold at N5,000 per 12.5kg. The lowest prices came from Lagos state at N4,400 ( lekki increased from N4200 in February to N4400 in March)  and Abeokuta at 4500, although we had N4075 and N4,125 at Abeokuta.

Interesting facts emerged from respondents online through our social media handles.

Micheal Chukwudi from Enugu, mentioned via facebook, that he bought at N5,000 per 12.5kg, Ahmed Elegbe from Ifon sold at N4,750, Adeyemo Adedayo Oloru sold at N4,800 at Ogbomoso in Oyo state.

In Benin, Sapele road, Jude Eweka mentioned that he sold at N4,800. In Owerri, Chukwu Michael bought at N5,000. Elijah Oladipupo bought at N4,500 at Atan-Otta, Ogun state. In Abeokuta, Otunba Nasir babs bought at N4,500, While Dapo Dipson mentioned that he bought at N4,600 in Ibadan.

Feedback on March 2021 LPG (cooking gas) retail prices via Twitter

Osun Photographer @alhgo01 mentioned he bought at N5,000 in Ogun state.Benjamin @Bnwaezeigwe said distributors bought at N3,800. Adeoye Nurudeen @gbengaeleven stated that in Abeokuta, the cheapest prices were N4,075 and N4,125 per 12.5kg. Ademola @demolarashid mentioned that his company sold at N4,500, N4,400, and N4,375 at different locations in Lagos.@topluv also mentioned that he bought at N5,000 in Ibadan.

In Asaba, Armstrong mentioned that Matrix Energy sold at N4,750.

In Port Harcourt, Nzemiller @wantedmiller mentioned that he purchased a 12.5kg LPG for N5,600.

@ Iceprincely purchased at N5,000 in Abuja. Stanley Okere @Enyi28 confirmed that he bought a 12.5kg LPG at N4,000 at Jikoyi in Abuja. In Katsina, Abubakar Aliyu mentioned that he bought at N4,800.In Maiduguri,@ceejaydaniell mentioned that he sold at N5,000.00.

International LPG (cooking gas) price effect on local prices

International prices which affect local prices have started on the declined having reached below 400USD per MT in April; the decline may be due to the departure of the winter season and as LPG supply improves worldwide. We, therefore, expect a reduction in depot prices which will lead to reductions in LPG retail prices nationwide. See you when we share the April report.

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