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LPG Domestic Tanks

LPG Domestic Tanks

Price in USD
Design Pressure: 17.5 bar Test Pressure: 26.5 bar Design Temperature: -40 / +50 °c Capacity: 0.5 m³ / 10 m³ Material: P 355 GH Tank Type: Domestic Design Code: AD-Merkblatter / EN 14025, EN 12542 Technical Details:

Domestic  tanks   are economical and practical storage tanks used to supply a propane or LPG mixture as a fuel for domestic applications such as heating, cooking, hot water supply or small industrial applications.

Technical details

  •  Checks and approval of the project and calculation
  • Chemical and mechanical tests of the material
  • Individual material control and cold stamping
  •  Production step-by-step inspection
  •  Size control
  •  radiographic examination
  •  Ultrasonic thickness control
  •  Penetration paint test
  •  heat treatment
  •  Hydrostatic test


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