New process for obtaining your DPR permits online

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How to process your DPR Permits online.

Recently in the month of March, the Department of Petroleum Resources invited stakeholders in the industry to a free training program on how to use the new online portal to process various operations permits, like Import, Offtake, LPG bottling plants, Propane Offtake, etc.

Website link to make your DPR application.

Now, you don’t need to visit the DPR office anymore to make your permit application ( the administrative office is now located in Abuja). All you need to do is to type this link http://impexgas.dpr.gov.ng/ on your browser to commence your application.
Impexgas login
Ensure that your company documents are uploaded after registration.

Few changes with the registration process with DPR.

  • You are no longer required to get your Bank reference letter yourself for submission, instead, your bank whose details are in the DPR online portal would be communicated on your successful application.
  • Your Bank would then communicate with your account officer who would generate the Bank reference and upload it into the same portal.
  • You will only be prompted to pay for your permit only after you have submitted all the documents.
  • Processing time was not certain, but the process seems to suggest it would take a week or two for the permit to be processed completely.
Need help with processing your DPR permit?
Some issues we have seen with the DPR online portal for operations permits:
  • Not all banks, Depots, and other required stakeholders have been added to the online portal.
  • You may be required to help add the stakeholder relevant to the issuance of your permit.
Kindly contact the helpdesk – email details are on the online portal. Should you encounter any other issues, you can contact info@lpginnigeria.com for assistance.

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