Nigeria LPG industry performance – May 2021

Nigerian propane market

Nigeria LPG industry performance – May 2021

According to PPPRA, the LPG industry lifted a total volume of 77183.08 during the month of May 2021.  A 13 % dip Year-on-Year and a 32% decrease from April 2021 volumes. Volumes are inclusive of LPG & Propane from NPDC and Kwale Hydro Carbon Ltd (KHL) ( source PPPRA). Volumes also included PNG – Umutu, and Greenville – Rumuji figures but didn’t capture their respective propane volumes. See how the players performed below.

Nigeria LPG seaborne supply by source.

LPG supplies in Nigeria May 2021
LPG supplies in Nigeria in May 2021


Other exclusions include Greenville Rumuji and PNG Umutu propane figures

LPG sources in Nigeria.

LPG sourcing reduced by a massive 32% during the month with the majority of the supplies (78%) from domestic sources.

At 40,213MT, NLNG was responsible for about 52% of the supply volumes with a17% improvement on 34,475MT delivered last month. Other local sources came from Greenville, PNG, KHL, and NPDC Oredo.

Prices of LPG at the depots maintained a ranging trend of around 5.6 Million per 20 MT during the month, while international prices maintained an upward trend closing at 446 USD/MT from 400 at the end of April.


Nigeria LPG sources – May 2021

LPG import and domestic sources May 2021
Nigeria LPG by origin May 2021

Market Leaders in the Nigeria LPG market in May 2021.

This time around it was NIPCO who stayed at the top with 21% of the market, with KHL diluting the dominance with a 10% share of the market. Stockgap once again occupied the second position with 14%. Algasco continued an unusual performance with 6% of the market. Ultimate Gas, an importer came back to the market with an 11% share of the market.


Nigeria LPG - butane volumes by marketers

Nigeria LPG Butane volumes by marketers – May 2021

How the LPG – Butane Depot fared in May 2021

Again, NIPCO dominated the LPG Storage during the month of May with 24%, while Stockgap maintained the 2nd position with 14%.

LPG Depot performance in May 2021
Nigeria LPG depot performance – May 2021


Market Leaders in the Nigeria Propane market in May 2021.

For the first time, we report the Propane performance market. The dominant player for the month of May was KHL, with a massive 86% of the market share and NPDC Oredo taking 14%. We are aware that Greenville – Rumuji and PNG in Umutu had some volumes which may not be significant. We hope they are captured in the next report.

Nigerian propane market

Nigeria propane Market performance – May 2021


We like to appreciate PPPRA’s support of the industry by its continuous improvement in the reporting on LPG and propane volumes.

On the LPG international prices front, the prices have continued in an unusual upward trend at this time of the year. Keep in touch for updates.

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