Weekly Mont Belvieu Propane – Butane prices – 28th March 2021

Mont belvieu prices March 2021

Our assessment for last week daily Mont Belvieu propane and butane in USD/mt (1.5% and 6.2% down respectively on weekly average):

22nd March: 466.0; 424.8

23rd March: 461.2; 411.7

24th March: 468.6; 413.6

25th March: 454.2; 405.2

26th March: 468.9; 413.4

There’s been a sharp decline in LPG prices the graph below shows a 10-day price chart that shows a decline from 459 USD on the 15th of March to 413 USD on the 26th. Local depot prices are expected to dip as prices return to pre- COVID19 era.

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