Where to buy LPG in Nigeria

LPG loading depots in nigeria

Where to buy LPG in Nigeria

In 2020, Nigeria consumed over 1 million tons of LPG. The Source of LPG was from Import, NLNG, and other Inland Gas generating companies which we will talk about in this post.

You are probably reading this post because you want to know where to buy your LPG more effectively; the closer the better for you. Locations of LPG depots and Gas processing plants shall be discussed as you read along. If you want to know where to buy from your nearest LPG bottling plants or Retail plant, you will be able to get the information in the Where to Buy your gas section soon.

LPG Depots in Apapa:

In Apapa, we have the Nigerian Pipelines & Storage Company with about 5000MT storage capacity. It is a state-owned company ( Nigeria Petroleum Marketing Company)and is located at Marine Beach, which can be located from Mobil road just close to Ijora.

We also have NAVGAS depot, privately owned by Nidogas and Vitol. the capacity is about 11,000MT. It is located at Creek road, in the heart of Apapa. It is not as easily accessible as the NPSC.

Also in Apapa, is the NIPCO depot, which is also a privately owned depot owned by independent petroleum marketers in Nigeria. It is a 9000MT depot. It is located close to the Naval Dockyard on the opposite side of the road from NPSC. Accessibility can be difficult depending on the activities of white product depots which are situated very close to the depot. The access to the depot is not very good.

LPG depots in Ijegun

Ijegun is very close to Satellite Town, after Festac Town. So for those who have their LPG Bottling plants around that axis, Ijegun would be very good. Rainoil has an 8000MT capacity LPG depot situated here which has been in operations since 2020.

Another depot is being constructed at Ijegun, more details shall be provided as it unfolds.

LPG depot at Kirikiri.

TechnoOil has an 8000 MT capacity LPG storage depot which started operations in 2020. This depot can be accessed by going through Apapa or going through Mile 2. Access to the depot is quite tricky and may not be one of the first choices for loading, for truck owners.

LPG depots in Delta State.

In Delta State, we have Matrix Energy in Warri, with about 5000MT depot ( also building a 6000MT LPG depot in Ghana)  and Prudent Energy, with a 6000MT depot at Oghara. Oghara is between Sapele and Koko Town.

LPG Depots in Rivers State.

In Rivers state, we have Stockgap Depot with 8000MT capacity storage. Depot is situated at Rumuolumeni, Port Harcourt, with easy access to the facility. We also have another LPG depot coming soon in Port Harcourt.

LPG Depots in Cross River State.

In Calabar, there exists a well-built LPG storage depot, privately owned by Dozzy Oil and Gas. Depot is about 5400 MT, with an additional 6000MT due to be commissioned later in the year. The depot hasn’t been in operation for almost a year, but it is due to commence operations soon. Depot is easily accessible with good roads and close to the NPA facility.

Natural Gas Processing Plant in Edo state.

You can now buy your LPG from the Nigerian Petroleum Development Company (NPDC) natural gas processing plant at Oredo, Benin City. Propane and Butane are produced there also. Operations commenced in late 2020. The volumes produced are not confirmed at this time.

Natural Gas Processing Plants in Delta State

We have Kwale Hydrocarbon Ltd (KHL) at Kwale, which is producing both propane and butane. The volumes of LPG are not confirmed presently. They have been in operation since 2020.
Also in Delta state is the PNG plant, a smaller Natural gas processing plant that has been in operation for some years. It is located at Umutu and also produces Propane and Butane.

Natural Gas Processing Plant in Rivers state.

In Rivers state, we have the Greenville Natural gas processing plant which is situated at Rumuji not far from Port Harcourt. The plant produces Propane, Butane, and condensates as well as LNG as their main product.

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