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Lpginnigeria.com can help you promote your LPG Business, Plant, Gas Depot, Wholesale or Retail, LPG Accesories business, start-up, seminar, webinar, conference, etc to your targeted audience, blog readers and LPG Stakeholders and you will get a good value for your money.

If you’re interested, Advert placement is billed on a monthly basis per advert space, depending on the Size and Placement of your advert banner.

Banner Ads Placement are as follows:

Top Banner ad

  • Full - 860 x 150 = N500,000 per month - Appears on All pages
  • Half - 430 x 150 = N300,000 per month - Appears on All pages

Marketplace Slider

  • Slider - 794 x 397 = N350,000 per month - Appears on Marketplace

SideBar Banner ads

  • 250 x 300 ad banner = N200, 000 per month - Appears only on Home OR Chart/Mont Belvieu Pages
  • 250 x 250 ad banner = N150, 000 per month - Appears only on Home OR Chart/Mont Belvieu Pages
  • 250 x 350 ad banner = N200, 000 per month- Appears only on Home AND Blog pages

Lower Spread Banner ad

  • 430 x 150 ad banner = N250,000 per month - Appears only on Chart/Mont Belvieu and Blog pages.

If you opt in for 860×150 ad banner, you will get 300×250 version of the banner displayed FREE on mobile view of the blog. You can run your ads for a minimum of 2 weeks or a few days if you can’t afford it for a month. With proper negotiation, we will also promote you as a new sponsor via a blog post on Facebook and Twitter.

Contact Us

Kindly state what you are selling i.e. your goods or services (you can add pictures to it), and send it to samuel@lpginnigeria.com. We will make a banner for you for FREE with your details (email, telephone , website or any contact details).

For more inquiries, please email: samuel@lpginnigeria.com or info@lpginnigeria.com

Or Call/Whatsapp +2349047574454 (use the Whatsapp Button Below 👇).

Or Use our Contact Page.

NOTE:- We will help you design the banner ad for FREE. Your ad runs within the agreed duration. You can renew your contract every month, with at least 24hour notice. Some Prices are Negotiable………..

Should you also be interested in a paid review for your company, product, service or business please do contact us also.