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Excitement is mounting as the highly anticipated 5th West Africa LPG Expo draws near, scheduled to take place on July 18-19, 2024, at the esteemed Dakar Expo Center in Senegal.

Organized by LPG Expo and proudly supported by the World Liquid Gas Association (WLGA), a prestigious global authority headquartered in Paris, France, this event holds international significance, firmly establishing itself as a catalyst for advancing sustainable energy practices and advocating for the widespread adoption of LPG. This collaboration amplifies the Expo's influence, bringing together global expertise and insights to enrich West Africa's flourishing LPG market.

This gathering is set to convene over 1000 LPG experts and showcase more than 50 exhibitors from over 10 countries. It promises to serve as a pivotal platform for leaders, industry experts, and government representatives to forge valuable connections, exchange groundbreaking ideas, and spotlight their latest products and services.

Event Structure: Embark on a journey through the LPG industry's landscape with our two-day event, seamlessly blending an Exhibition and Conference. Explore the myriad opportunities, stay abreast of the latest developments, and delve into key industry issues. Be prepared to witness first-hand the dynamic interplay of ideas and innovation.

Event Participation: Choose your pass and be part of this transformative event! Opt for the complimentary Visitor pass to gain access to exhibits by over 30 renowned global brands showcasing their latest products and best practices. Or elevate your experience with the exclusive Delegate pass, offering additional perks such as exclusive networking sessions and industry talks with prominent LPG companies and experts.


Register Here:  https://forms.gle/we24i4rLEyABHuFq9

Event Date: July 18-19, 2024

Event Venue: Dakar Expo Center, Senegal

For media inquiries, please contact Christian Ian Go, Marketing Executive of LPG Expo, at christian.g@lpgexpo.com.sg.

Explore the event brochure here: Visit lpgexpo.com.sg for comprehensive details about the Expo.

Media Partners: LPG in Nigeria.

Join us at the forefront of the sustainable energy movement, and together, let's shape the future of the LPG industry in West Africa!


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