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9.2% Decrease In Cooking Gas Price Within A One Month Period For June.

9.2% Decrease in Cooking Gas Price within a One Month Period for June.
9.2% Decrease In Cooking Gas Price Within A One Month Period For June.

In the month of June, we conducted a survey on the purchase of LPG/Cooking Gas in various cities or states, with a total of 10 respondents from Twitter and Facebook. The survey aimed to assess any changes in LPG prices compared to the previous month. The findings indicate that there has been a continuation of the decrease in LPG prices observed in May, with slight variations in some states.

In the previous month, it was noted that Ekiti purchased LPG for ₦10,000, whereas in June, there was a drop in price, with it being purchased for ₦7,500. Similarly, in Jos, cooking gas was purchased for ₦8,750 and ₦9,375, equating to approximately ₦700 per kg and ₦750 per kg, respectively. Respondents in Sapele purchased cooking gas for ₦8,125, while those in Itele-Ota, Ogun purchased it for ₦7,750 and ₦7,500, respectively. Enugu purchased cooking gas at ₦7,500, and Osun purchased it at ₦7,000. Respondents from Ikorodu, Lagos State, purchased cooking gas for ₦8,000. Notably, the highest purchase of LPG for this month was recorded in Ondo and Abuja, where gas was purchased for ₦10,000 and ₦800 per kg.

Calculating the average for this month of June, we arrived at ₦8,318. Comparing this with May's average of ₦9,163, we observe a decrease of ₦845, representing an 9.2% decrease within a one-month period.

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