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A 10.73% Decrease In LPG Prices From April To May 2023.

A 10.73% Decrease in LPG Prices from April to May 2023.
A 10.73% Decrease In LPG Prices From April To May 2023.

Our May report is based on information collected from our online LPG in Nigeria community on Facebook and Twitter. Our findings indicate a slight decrease in LPG prices across some cities and states in Nigeria, especially during the last half of the month owing to the removal of Fuel subsidy. Twenty-One people responded online to our survey about how much they paid for 12.5kg LPG in their different locality, which helps us compile the data below and gain an overview of the LPG retail market in Nigeria.

The data derived showed that states such as Abeokuta, Benin and Anambra purchased LPG at a very low price ₦ 7, 000 and ₦ 7, 375 respectively. Other states to experience this decrease are Sango-Ota which paid ₦ 8, 125; Ijebu paid ₦ 8,437; Port Harcourt at ₦ 8,700; Ore, Abia and Warri at ₦ 8,750. On the other side of the spectrum are states that still purchased LPG at an increased price. Maiduguri paid ₦ 10,837.5 and ₦10,000 respectively; Gombe, Jos, Abuja, Lagos and Ekiti paid ₦ 10,000 for LPG while Ikorodu, Lagos, purchased LPG at ₦ 10, 700. A brief comparison between our average price for LPG as at April, 2023 was calculated to be ₦ 10, 265 and the average price for May, 2023 calculated to be ₦ 9,163 shows a price decrease of ₦ 1,102 in a month, which is a 10.73% decrease.

We will like to hear from you and your thoughts on the trajectory of LPG prices in Nigeria. 

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