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FG,TUC And NLC On CNG Conversion

FG,TUC and NLC on CNG conversion
FG,TUC And NLC On CNG Conversion

‪The FG meeting with the NLC and TUC today which finished around 10:45pm reached an agreement to suspend the proposed strike action.‬

‪One of the resolutions agreed was Federal government,TUC and NLC to revive the CNG conversion earlier agreed in 2021,you can recall former President Buhari launched autogas in 2020 and 5 CNG powered buses on DDF were given to both TUC and NLC and they would want this to be revived and implement.‬

‪THLD GROUP  converted  five buses to run on CNG and we are hoping for a more robust solution that will go beyond just buses but also offering civil servants and others have access to a funded comversion scheme that will see qualified people selected and offer the conversion of their vehicles and public transport buses to run on GAS.‬

‪This will also boost the GAS infrastructure and aid GAS companies to get funding and support from the government to build more gas stations.‬


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  • Augustine


    06 June 2023 - 06:37pm

    CNG more ideal for trucks/buses. Dangote trucks are already using CNG. If the FG is serious about autogas conversion they should make autogas conversion kits/Gas tanks and gas equipments Duty free. Nigerians can't afford autogas conversion because it's expensive. Conversion kits are imported and Dollar is high. Will the FG give grant to Nigerians to convert their cars? I doubt... I have been working on setting up autogas conversion workshop since 2010. I couldn't start because LPG has aways been more expensive than petrol. Even now, still don't trust the FG on Gas. If Dongote refinery starts operation, the price of petrol per litre, may become cheaper than LPG. If that happens, that means the advantage or benefits of LPG over petrol in powering cars and other vehicles is what we will be selling to Nigerians. Nigeria is a difficult place to do business because of bad and inconsistent policies of Government unfortunately.

    • Valentine


      21 August 2023 - 05:50pm

      I think the comparison should be between PMS and CNG. CNG is Natural Gas which is available in large deposits, Nigeria has one of the highest deposit in the world. I really don't expect PMS that is no longer subsidized to be more expensive than CNG even when Dangote starts production, but just as you have rightly stated, the Nigeria factor can frustrate the laudable project.

  • Anonymous


    06 June 2023 - 02:15pm

    It's a good motion if it will be done properly


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