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Resurgence Of NSPC LPG Depot Since 2021

Resurgence of NSPC LPG Depot Since 2021
Resurgence Of NSPC LPG Depot Since 2021

After a hiatus of nearly 30 months since March 2021, the NSPC LPG Depot, formerly known as PPMC, is back in action. The depot has officially reopened its doors following an extensive renovation and upgrade. The momentous return to operations commenced with the delivery of the depot's first cargo on October 4th, 2023, courtesy of Sapet Gas, a company within the esteemed Sahara Group.

For those less familiar with NSPC (formerly PPMC), allow us to provide a brief introduction to this vital player in Nigeria's energy landscape.

The Heart of Nigeria's Energy Hub

Nestled within the vibrant Central Business District of Nigeria, the NSPC LPG Depot operates from Kayode Road, Badia, Lagos State, Nigeria. This facility plays a pivotal role in ensuring the nation's energy needs are met efficiently. It is also imperative that we state that the depot has a capacity of 4,000 MT. It is also known to have the lowest throughput cost and has been the price decider for a long time. Let’s see what the return means for the industry.

Image Source: HydroCIS

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