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Geometric Gas Shortage Has Been Resolved - Epkerikpe Ekpo

Geometric Gas Shortage Has Been Resolved - Epkerikpe Ekpo
Geometric Gas Shortage Has Been Resolved - Epkerikpe Ekpo

At LPG Nigeria, we celebrate the remarkable strides made by the Minister of State for Petroleum Resources (Gas), Epkerikpe Ekpo, in addressing critical challenges and driving significant investments in Nigeria’s gas sector. Minister Ekpo's recent accomplishments are a testament to his unwavering commitment to bolstering Nigeria’s energy infrastructure and ensuring sustainable development.

One of the notable achievements highlighted by Minister Ekpo is the resolution of gas supply issues that had plagued the 141 megawatts Geometric Power Plant in Aba, Abia State. Since its launch in February, the plant faced significant setbacks due to inadequate gas supply, limiting its ability to deliver power to its customers. Through dedicated supervision and intervention, Minister Ekpo has successfully addressed these challenges, ensuring a stable gas supply to the plant.

Minister Ekpo’s efforts have also unlocked a substantial $3 billion investment in the gas sector by resolving key issues related to the Gas Sales and Purchase Agreement for the Brass Methanol Project. This ambitious $3.8 billion project, located on Brass Island in Bayelsa State and sponsored by Brass Fertilizer & Petrochemical Company Limited, comprises a gas processing plant, methanol production and refining facilities, and export infrastructure. This project is set to significantly boost the region's economic growth and energy capacity.

A significant highlight of Minister Ekpo's tenure is his dedication to achieving net-zero flare gas emissions. Under his guidance, the NNPCL/TotalEnergies Joint Venture has achieved zero routine gas flaring across all its Nigerian assets. This commitment not only protects the environment but also attracts increased investments from both foreign and local firms into the gas sector.

Minister Ekpo has been instrumental in restructuring the Midstream and Downstream Gas Infrastructure Fund council and guidelines. This initiative is poised to inject essential funds into resolving infrastructure challenges in the gas sector. Additionally, he has expedited the completion of critical pipeline projects, including the multi-billion-dollar Ajaokuta-Kaduna-Kano and Obrikom, Obiafo, Oben gas pipeline projects.

Minister Ekpo has also been at the forefront of driving bilateral discussions on the Nigeria-Morocco gas pipeline project. This extensive pipeline is set to traverse numerous West African countries, ultimately connecting to Morocco and extending a spur to Spain for the onward sale of gas to Europe. This project promises to enhance regional cooperation and boost Nigeria's gas export potential.

Under Minister Ekpo's leadership, the ministry has revitalized the virtual pipeline mode of natural gas delivery, targeting gas-based industries and the commercial sector. The launch of a 23,000 metric tonnes LPG vessel, Temile 10, marks a significant milestone in transporting LPG from producers to the domestic market. Groundbreaking ceremonies for several LPG terminals and facilities across the country further underscore his commitment to expanding Nigeria’s gas infrastructure.

The various projects initiated under Minister Ekpo's tenure hold the potential to generate over 100,000 jobs for Nigerians upon completion. These developments are not only crucial for energy security but also for the socio-economic upliftment of the nation.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Power, Minister Ekpo has established an inter-ministerial gas task force to tackle the challenges of low gas supply to gas-fired thermal power plants. This initiative is a critical step towards ensuring reliable and efficient power generation across the country.

To address the rising cost of cooking gas, Minister Ekpo has supervised the domestication of all LPG produced within the country. This strategic move aims to stabilize the price of LPG in the domestic market, making clean cooking solutions more affordable for Nigerian households.

Through the Decade of Gas initiative, Minister Ekpo has diligently worked to resolve legacy debts to gas producers in the power sector. His efforts reflect a long-term vision for a robust, sustainable, and self-reliant gas industry in Nigeria.

At LPG in Nigeria, we are inspired by Minister Ekpo's dedication and achievements. His leadership has laid a solid foundation for the future of Nigeria's energy sector, fostering growth, sustainability, and prosperity. We look forward to continued progress and collaboration in achieving our shared vision of a cleaner, more efficient energy landscape.

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