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How To Apply For An LPG Plant Permit With NMDPRA (DPR)

How to apply for an LPG plant Permit with NMDPRA (DPR)
How To Apply For An LPG Plant Permit With NMDPRA (DPR)

For LPG plant owners and companies who want to apply for a fresh LPG bottling plant permit from the NMDPRA, formerly DPR.

Go to the website https://lpgplant.nmdpra.gov.ng/ and follow the steps below as provided by NMDPRA on their website.

Step 1: Registration

The registration page is displayed on the home page. On the home page of ELPS Portal, click on the “Register” button.

Step 2: Email Confirmation

The email address must be confirmed by the user before first-time applicants are granted access to make applications. An email will be sent automatically after completing the registration on the website. 

Step 3: Company Profile

The company profile is provided for marketers to input their company name, business type, contact address, year of incorporation, tax identification number, director’s information, phone numbers of contact person, etc.

On the dashboard tools bar, other icons are “Profiles” used for updating the company profile and document library, “Reports” for generating reports such as the number of licenses, and number of applications, etc, “Payments” for payments reports and extra payments and “Account” for change of password and logout. The topmost right-hand corner shows the user’s email that logged in. Users can click on the icon following the email to log out.

All notifications from the portal are displayed at the dashboard for easy follow-up. A help menu is also provided for Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), Video Guides, Life Chats, and NMDPRA/DPR guidelines on LPG Plant Station Licenses.

Step 4: Company Dashboard

Click on the dashboard to display the user’s dashboard. The dashboard displays the number of applications, application(s) being processed, total licenses and permits, and licenses and permits expiring in 30 days' time. You can use the “Apply for License” icon to apply for a new or renewal of a license as the case may be. You can use the “Document Library” icon to display the documents submitted to ELPS and use the “View License/Permit” to preview and print lpg plant Licenses and LPG plant Permits where necessary.

Step 5: Application for Licenses

On clicking “Apply for Licenses”, the portal displays the following:

1.    Legacy License

2.    Site Suitability

3.    Approval to Install

4.    License to Operate.

Option 1 is for marketers with manually issued licenses to upload to the portal to generate a new reference number. 

Steps for first-time users or those with manually issued licenses.

Step 1: Go to “Apply For Licenses”;

Step 2: Select option 1 “Legacy License”;

Step 3: Fill in the required information, e.g. previous license number, expiry date, etc;

Step 4: Review and Submit Application (A Reference Number is generated for tracking purposes only);

Step 5: Upload the old manually issued license where applicable. The maximum file size is 4MB;

Step 6: A notification message will be sent via mail and to the company’s dashboard after DPR’s approval with a new License Number;

Legacy Applications: These are licenses that already exist outside the portal, these licenses/permits are required to be inputted into the portal before proceeding to the next phase. For example, inputting a current (Authority to Construct ) ATC number before proceeding.

Step 6: Payment

After receiving a new License Number, you can select from the list of applications to apply for and submit after following all the instructions. The system takes you to the payment page to pay for the required fee using CBN Payment Gateway (Remita).

Payments channels available on Remita are:

·       Bank Branch Payment using reference number generated from the portal

·       Debit/Credit Card Payment

Step 7: Add/Upload Document

Once payment is made, the next stage is to upload the required documents in PDF or TIFF file formats. The maximum file to upload for each required document is 4MB.

Uploaded documents can be reviewed before submission. Once documents are successfully uploaded, it is shown in the document library.

After meeting the requirements, the user clicks on the “Submit Application” button. The application will be sent to the NMDPRA/DPR for processing and the marketer will be notified when processed.


For support, with your application for your LPG plant permits, kindly contact the following;

Tel: 01-2790000

Emails: support@dpr.gov.ng

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