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LPG (AUTOGAS) Could This Be The Solution To Subsidy Removal

LPG (AUTOGAS) could this be the solution to subsidy removal
LPG (AUTOGAS) Could This Be The Solution To Subsidy Removal

With the removal of subsidy and the sudden increase in price for petrol could the owners of LPG skid tanks nationwide be the solution and saviour? With the current price for LPG it’s clear that now LPG is about N200 cheaper than petrol and with the current situation skid owners can modify their cylinder refilling nozzles to add AUTOGAS nozzle to dispense to cars converted to run on LPG.

skid owners with space can also add car conversion to their gas stations using the existing Lube bays and this in the coming months we will give our members and followers step by step guide on how to achieve this inline with the best practice.

AUTOGAS LPG the solution and the best method to cushion the effect of subsidy removal in Nigeria 🇳🇬 

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1 Comment.

  • Segun


    06 June 2023 - 02:25pm

    There is a slight drop in LPG Prices, let's watch and see


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