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Nigeria LPG Association Clears Misconceptions On Gas For Generators: Price Comparison And Safety Measures.

Nigeria LPG Association Clears Misconceptions on Gas for Generators: Price Comparison and Safety Measures.
Nigeria LPG Association Clears Misconceptions On Gas For Generators: Price Comparison And Safety Measures.

The Nigeria Liquefied Petroleum Gas Association (NLPGA) recently addressed misconceptions about using gas for generators in the country. Engr. Busayo Fabunmi, a member of NLPGA's Safety and Technical Committee, clarified these points in a statement shared on his official LinkedIn page.

In the statement, Engr. Fabunmi emphasized the need for accurate price comparisons when evaluating the cost-effectiveness of using gas versus petrol. He pointed out that comparing the weight (kg) of one product with the volume (liter) price of another is not an appropriate approach. Instead, he provided an equivalent and correct price comparison: N400/liter (@N700/kg) for LPG versus N550/liter for petrol and N700/kg for LPG versus N742.5/kg (@N550/liter) for petrol. In both cases, LPG emerged as the more cost-effective option.

Addressing concerns about safety, Engr. Fabunmi explained that Nigeria has established safety standards, some of which are international. The focus of NLPGA's Safety and Technical Committee is to ensure the implementation of these standards. He stressed that the complete replacement of the petrol carburettor is recommended when converting to LPG, using specially designed retrofitting kits with regulators that dispense the right amount of LPG to maintain the petrol-equivalent calorific value.

To debunk claims that developed countries do not allow the use of LPG in 5 - 10kVA generators due to fire safety issues, Engr. Fabunmi provided evidence to the contrary. He referred to several trials conducted by NLPGA, showing a 50% cost reduction when using LPG in a 7.5kVA generator set post-subsidy, with N500/hour on LPG versus N1,050/hour on petrol.

The initial post that sparked the discussion compared LPG to petrol, citing old petrol prices and discouraging conversion of generators to run on gas. It also raised concerns about safety issues related to LPG use in developed countries.

Engr. Fabunmi highlighted that LPG has a lower explosion limit (LEL) of between 2% and 10%, indicating its relatively safer volatility compared to other fuels.

In conclusion, the NLPGA's statement aimed to provide accurate information, clarifying price comparisons and safety measures associated with using gas for generators. As petrol prices continue to rise, many Nigerians are considering converting to gas variants for cost savings and environmental benefits. It is essential to make informed decisions, ensuring the right retrofitting kits are used for a seamless and safe transition to LPG usage.

Note: Petrol pump prices vary across locations and currently stand at N617/litre and above.

Source: Nairametrics.

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  • Alhaji Dahiru Salihu

    Alhaji Dahiru Salihu

    10 August 2023 - 09:53am

    Yeah, I have sold large units of the LPG carburetors across the Nation.

    The beautiful feedback is that, those that run on 7am-7pm daily burn 12•5kg in 3 days (12hrs/day making total of 36hrs).

    Currently, I'm selling 13,000 Naira each that's for 2.5kv generators.

    This is my line +2348135898515 WhatsApp

    • Oluwabukola Jimoh

      Oluwabukola Jimoh

      11 August 2023 - 08:59am

      Thank You for this information! We are certain it will be of help to our readers.

  • Abona


    07 August 2023 - 07:30am

    12.5kg last three days,

    • Oluwabukola Jimoh

      Oluwabukola Jimoh

      09 August 2023 - 05:10am

      Hmmm, are you talking from experience, sir?

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