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Nigeria Requires Energy Addition Rather Than Transition

Nigeria requires Energy Addition rather than Transition
Nigeria Requires Energy Addition Rather Than Transition

NJ Ayuk, the Executive Chairman of African Energy Chamber (AEC) at the just concluded NIES event, emphasized the need for Energy Addition in Nigeria, rather than a focus solely on Energy Transition. With around 90 million Nigerians lacking access to electricity, Ayuk argued that the priority should be on providing access to electricity for those without it and ensuring that those who already have access enjoy reliable power supply. He suggested that natural gas could play a significant role in addressing the country's poor electricity access.

Ayuk rejected the idea that Nigeria needs an Energy Transition, instead advocating for an Energy Addition and a just transition. He explained that Energy addition means taking care of those 90 million without electricity and ensuring that the other 120 million with electricity have abundant and reliable access. Ayuk also highlighted the importance of energy security, citing Europe's scramble for energy amidst disruptions in supplies caused by the ongoing Russia-Ukraine war.

Ayuk called for energy to be recognized as a human right issue, particularly for young Africans who need access to electricity for their development. He emphasized the need for a just transition and energy additions that reflect Africa's unique circumstances, rather than a Western view of transition.

What does this mean for LPG in Nigeria?

NJ Ayuk's emphasis on energy justice and the need for Energy Addition in Nigeria could be good news for the Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) sector in the country. LPG is a cleaner and more efficient fuel source than traditional fuels like wood and charcoal, and it could play an important role in increasing access to energy for Nigerians who currently lack electricity.

As Ayuk pointed out, Natural Gas has a significant role to play in addressing Nigeria's poor access to electricity. LPG is a byproduct of natural gas production, and Nigeria is one of the largest producers of natural gas in the world. The country has the potential to develop a robust LPG sector that could provide affordable and clean energy to millions of Nigerians.

Moreover, Ayuk's call for energy security is also relevant to the LPG sector. LPG can be stored and transported more easily than traditional fuels, making it a reliable source of energy, even in areas with limited infrastructure. With a focus on Energy Addition, the Nigerian government could prioritize policies and investments that promote the development of the LPG sector and increase access to clean and reliable energy for all Nigerians.

Source: Majorwaves Energy Report 2023.

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