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NLNG Joins OGMP To Reduce Methane Emissions And Advances Decarbonization.

NLNG Joins OGMP to Reduce Methane Emissions and Advances Decarbonization.
NLNG Joins OGMP To Reduce Methane Emissions And Advances Decarbonization.

NLNG Joins a UN Group to Reduce Methane Emissions and Advances Decarbonization.

The Nigeria Liquified Natural Gas, NLNG Limited, has joined the Oil and Gas Methane Partnership (OGMP 2.0), a partnership coordinated by the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) to reduce methane emissions and improve the accuracy and transparency of methane emissions reporting. The move is a further step in NLNG’s commitment to decarbonisation.

According to NLNG’s Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer, Dr Philip Mshelbila, the Company had signed an MoU with UNEP in the last quarter of 2022, stating that the signing demonstrated the Company’s commitment to reduce methane emissions from its operations as part of its decarbonisation journey. He said the Company was proudly committing to annual reporting and phased reduction of its methane emissions, and decarbonisation which would secure a future for the Company and its stakeholders through a cleaner and greener energy mix that will include gas.

He added that NLNG was already implementing a comprehensive program for reporting and reducing its methane emissions, utilising the latest industry technologies to track its progress and performance. Dr Mshelbila stated further that NLNG’s decarbonisation journey would strengthen customers’ and stakeholders’ trust in the Company’s ability to take responsibility for the environment in which it operates and its ability to remain competitive globally.

The OGMP is recognised globally as the most significant voluntary initiative for companies in the Oil and Gas industry to systematically reduce their methane emissions and demonstrate the reduction in a credible manner to all stakeholders. In a message to welcome NLNG, the group stated that it was excited about NLNG’s membership as Nigeria is a significant producer of natural gas (LNG) and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) and one of the biggest contributors to Africa’s LNG & LPG production.

“OGMP 2.0 covers 55% of Africa’s Oil and Gas production. 75% of all methane emissions from Oil and Gas companies in the continent can be mitigated – 45% of them at no net cost. To meet that target, we invite other companies in the sector to follow the steps of NLNG and join OGMP 2.0.,” the group stated.

Therefore, for now we can only wait to see where this collaboration takes NLNG and its impact on the Nigerian Oil and Gas industry and for all LPG stakeholders.



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