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PETROAN Reports 7,000 Filling Stations Ready To Establish Autogas Conversion Centers.

PETROAN Reports 7,000 Filling Stations Ready to Establish Autogas Conversion Centers.
PETROAN Reports 7,000 Filling Stations Ready To Establish Autogas Conversion Centers.

The Petroleum Products Retail Outlets Owners Association of Nigeria (PETROAN) has made significant strides in promoting the adoption of Autogas in vehicles across the country. According to Billy Gillis-Harry, the president of PETROAN, 7,000 filling stations under their association have registered to establish conversion centers within their outlets. These conversion centers will be used for dispensing Autogas, including compressed natural gas (CNG) and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG), into vehicles. Gillis-Harry emphasized the association's engagement in various intervention projects, including collaborations with manufacturers of conversion kits for LPG, LNG, and CNG. Notably, they held discussions with their Asian partners, primarily from India, who are eager to support their initiatives.

He suggested that the government's financial support for consistent vehicle conversion to run on gas would be a more effective form of palliative compared to direct cash transfers to vulnerable households. Such an intervention, Gillis-Harry argued, would significantly reduce the dependence on Premium Motor Spirit (PMS) and alleviate the burden of petrol imports due to foreign exchange constraints.

The adoption of gas as an alternative fuel source is seen as the most viable solution to mitigate the current high cost of petrol. With 7,000 retail outlets already registered for conversion centers, Gillis-Harry called for government funding to support these conversions, which would be another form of palliative for the public.

PETROAN has partnered with a company capable of producing 70,000 conversion kits monthly, enabling them to target the conversion of 70,000 vehicles each month. The vision is to have hundreds of thousands of vehicles running on gas within the next three to six months.

In support of this initiative, oil marketers represented by the Depot and Petroleum Marketers Association of Nigeria (DAPPMAN) have pledged to donate 100 CNG buses to help ease the impact of petrol subsidy removal.

Furthermore, President Bola Tinubu announced that his administration has allocated N100 billion between now and March 2024 to acquire 3,000 units of 20-seater buses powered by CNG.

The drive towards Autogas adoption and the establishment of conversion centers signifies a significant step towards reducing the country's dependence on traditional petrol-based fuels. It also aligns with the government's efforts to foster sustainable energy solutions and create a more eco-friendly transportation landscape in Nigeria.


Source : Punch Newspaper.

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