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RT Briscoe Plc Advances Nigeria’s CNG Transition With New Conversion Centres

RT Briscoe Plc Advances Nigeria’s CNG Transition with New Conversion Centres
RT Briscoe Plc Advances Nigeria’s CNG Transition With New Conversion Centres

In a strategic effort to align with the ongoing Presidential initiative on the Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) programme (Pi-CNG), RT Briscoe Plc's motors division has established conversion centres to facilitate the transition of petrol vehicles to CNG. This initiative aims to lower costs for fleet operators and promote sustainable fuel alternatives.

The conversion kits, manufactured in Europe and adhering to the highest global standards, are installed by RT Briscoe’s highly trained technical team. During an interactive session with journalists in Lagos, Seyi Onajide, Group Managing Director of RT Briscoe, announced the setup of the CNG and Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) conversion facility.

"We initiated the conversion of petrol and diesel engine cars to CNG and LPG independently of government funding, recognizing it as the future of automotive fuel," Onajide said. "We have successfully converted some pickup vehicles and submitted a proposal to the Presidential CNG committee, which has invited us to participate in the CNG initiative. This initiative offers significant cost savings for vehicle owners and commuters in Nigeria."

However, Onajide pointed out that the initiative faces challenges due to the limited availability of CNG and LPG refilling stations. To address this, he recommended adopting a hybrid model. RT Briscoe has approached several corporate fleet owners, encouraging them to invest in building gas-refilling plants on their premises.

"Until gas refilling stations become more widespread, the use of CNG will primarily be feasible for large organizations that can store and manage their gas supply," he added.

RT Briscoe Plc is engaged in the sales and servicing of Toyota and Ford vehicles, technical services, material handling, and property development and management. The company’s involvement in the Presidential CNG Initiative underscores its commitment to driving Nigeria towards a sustainable energy future.

The Presidential CNG Initiative, part of President Bola Tinubu's palliative interventions following the removal of fuel subsidies, projects a $2.5 billion investment by 2027. This initiative aims to relieve the masses and promote a sustainable and prosperous future for all Nigerians, offering significant opportunities for economic growth and environmental sustainability.

Source: Business Day News. 

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Oluwabukola Jimoh

Oluwabukola Jimoh

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  • Ibrahim


    25 June 2024 - 08:34am

    My suggestion as regards the CNG, if truly government want the CNG initiative to be quickly spread around, allow those that are transfer gas in retail shop, as in 50kg cylinders,give them license to operate, train them within short period of time because they have the idea already, those who among them that is about to build mini plant, give them opportunity to revert to CNG, I bet u, within a year government will be surprised because those people were bedrocks of gas initiative. For more explanation. 08156529224


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