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September Retail LPG Prices In Nigeria.

September Retail LPG prices in Nigeria.
September Retail LPG Prices In Nigeria.

In an effort to provide transparency and insight into the fluctuating prices of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) across various Nigerian states, we present a comprehensive LPG price report for September 2023.  The data outlines the prices for LPG in various cities across the country for both the 12.5kg cylinder and per kilogram, along with a comparative evaluation with the preceding month of August. We had a total of 27 respondents from our survey conducted on both Twitter (now X) and Facebook. However, the bulk of our responses was derived from Facebook. 

Cities or States Surveyed Include: Awka, Anambra, Jos, Plateau, Kogi, Ijebu East, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Ijede Ikorodu, Lagos, Onitsha, Akwa Ibom, Gombe, Enugu, Ibadan, Warri, Delta, Ondo, Ore, Bayelsa, Rivers, Abuja FCT, Bauchi, Akoko, EDO, Shagamu/Ogun, and Ijebu Ode.

LPG Prices Across Nigerian Cities

Here's a breakdown of LPG prices in various Nigerian cities:

In Awka, Anambra, LPG was priced at ₦11,250 for a 12.5KG cylinder and ₦900 per KG.

Jos, Plateau, had LPG priced at ₦12,500 for a 12.5KG cylinder and ₦1,000 per KG.

Kogi offered LPG at ₦10,625 with an ₦850 per KG rate.

Ijebu East exhibited two different price points, ₦10,625 and ₦11,250, with corresponding KG prices of ₦850 and ₦900, respectively.

Port Harcourt reported a price of ₦7,875 with a ₦630 per KG rate.

Lagos presented LPG at ₦11,875 with a ₦950 per KG rate, while Ijede Ikorodu, Lagos, offered it at ₦12,500 with a ₦1,000 per KG rate.

Jos had a second price of ₦11,875 at ₦950 per KG.

Onitsha, Anambra, provided LPG at ₦10,625 with ₦850 per KG.

In Akwa Ibom, prices showed variation, with one rate at ₦11,875 and another at ₦12,500, both at ₦950 and ₦1,000 per KG, respectively.

Gombe reported LPG at ₦11,875 with ₦950 per KG.

Enugu presented it at ₦10,500 with ₦840 per KG.

Ibadan offered LPG at ₦10,625 with ₦850 per KG.

Warri, Delta, priced it at ₦11,250 with ₦900 per KG.

Ondo, Ore, had a cost of ₦10,000 with ₦800 per KG.

Port Harcourt had a second price of ₦11,250 with ₦900 per KG.

Bayelsa and Rivers reported prices of ₦11,250 and ₦11,875, respectively, both with ₦900 and ₦950 per KG.

Abuja FCT offered LPG at ₦10,625 with ₦850 per KG, and Bauchi provided it at ₦11,250 with ₦900 per KG.

Akoko, Edo, priced it at ₦11,875 with ₦950 per KG, while Shagamu/Ogun offered it at ₦10,625 with ₦850 per KG.

Ijebu Ode exhibited two different prices, ₦12,500 and ₦10,625, with corresponding KG prices of ₦1,000 and ₦850, respectively.

Cities with the Highest LPG Prices

Jos, Plateau: Jos stands out with some of the highest LPG prices, pricing a 12.5KG cylinder at ₦12,500 and 1 KG at ₦1,000. This relatively elevated pricing can be attributed to geographical factors and supply chain challenges in the region.

Ijede Ikorodu, Lagos: In the bustling urban area of Ijede Ikorodu, Lagos, LPG is notably expensive, costing ₦12,500 for a 12.5KG cylinder and ₦1,000 per KG. The higher costs may reflect increased demand and distribution costs associated with a densely populated urban setting.

Ijebu Ode: Ijebu Ode presents two price points, one at ₦12,500 and the other at ₦10,625. This variation in pricing showcases the influence of local dynamics and competition, with ₦1,000 and ₦850 per KG rates, respectively.

Cities with Intermediate LPG Prices

Lagos: The bustling metropolis of Lagos offers LPG at ₦11,875 for a 12.5KG cylinder and ₦950 per KG. While not the highest, these prices still indicate the impact of urbanization and market demand on LPG costs.

Akwa Ibom: Akwa Ibom exhibits moderate price fluctuations, with ₦11,875 for a 12.5KG cylinder and ₦950, as well as ₦12,500 and ₦1,000 per KG rates. These prices may reflect the state's position as a major oil-producing region, influencing both supply and demand dynamics.

Gombe: Gombe maintains a consistent rate of ₦11,875 with ₦950 per KG. These intermediate prices likely stem from a balance between urban and rural factors, impacting local demand and distribution.

Cities with the Lowest LPG Prices

Port Harcourt: Port Harcourt offers some of the lowest LPG prices, with a 12.5KG cylinder costing ₦7,875 and ₦630 per KG. These affordable prices may be attributed to the city's proximity to oil and gas infrastructure, contributing to reduced distribution costs.

Ondo, Ore: Ondo, Ore, also boasts competitive LPG prices, with a cost of ₦10,000 for a 12.5KG cylinder and ₦800 per KG. The relative affordability can be linked to efficient local distribution networks and access to key supply sources.

Shagamu/Ogun: In Shagamu/Ogun, LPG is available at ₦10,625 for a 12.5KG cylinder and ₦850 per KG. These budget-friendly prices may be a result of streamlined supply chains and competitive market forces.

These variations in LPG prices underline the impact of geographical, economic, and logistical factors on energy costs across Nigerian cities. Ultimately, consumers must consider these dynamics when making choices regarding their energy sources and expenses. Conclusively, we that in September, the average price of LPG/cooking gas is approximately ₦11,212, while in August, it stood at ₦9,419. This shows a price increase of about ₦1,793 between the two months and a drastic percentage increase of approximately 19.03% from August to September.

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