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The Autogas Opportunity Fair - Organized By The LPG Group Of The Lagos Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

The Autogas Opportunity Fair - Organized by the LPG Group of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry
The Autogas Opportunity Fair - Organized By The LPG Group Of The Lagos Chamber Of Commerce And Industry

In commemoration of the 135th anniversary of the Lagos Chamber of Commerce and Industry (LCCI), the LPG group takes pride in presenting the Autogas Opportunity Fair. Established 135 years ago, LCCI stands as the second oldest Chamber in Africa, renowned for its vibrant presence.

The core mission of the Chamber is to advocate for, support, or oppose legislative measures that impact trade, industry, commerce, and agriculture. LCCI represents the collective voice of the business community on these matters, shaping the broader economic landscape. For over thirteen decades, LCCI has remained a leading advocate for the private sector, engaging in public policy advocacy, stakeholder collaboration, and trade promotion initiatives.

About the Autogas Opportunity Fair:

In observance of LCCI's 135th anniversary, the Autogas Opportunity Fair is set to bring together industry stakeholders to discuss the vast potential and share success stories within the Autogas sub-sector. Participating companies will have the unique opportunity to exhibit and demonstrate their Autogas capabilities, allowing visitors to witness practical examples of LPG Autogas in action.

Autogas Experts:

Our event features distinguished experts with years of experience in the field. Dr. M.M. Ibrahim, Chairman of the National Gas Expansion Programme (NGEP), will deliver the keynote address, shedding light on the vast opportunities in the Autogas industry. With a wealth of experience in both the public and private sectors, Dr. Ibrahim has spearheaded the NGEP since 2020, significantly contributing to the enhancement of CNG and LPG capabilities in various companies. He will generously share his insights and experiences with our stakeholders.

We are also privileged to have Olusegun Olajuwon of THLD and Autogas Africa speak about Autogas Conversion. Mr. Olajuwon, with extensive experience in the gas business across Europe and Africa, will provide practical insights into what has succeeded and what hasn't. His youthful energy and knowledge will undoubtedly benefit all interested stakeholders.

Other distinguished participants include Asiko Energy, Cocean Integrated Nigeria Limited, and LGV Systems Ltd, while our esteemed sponsors include Falcon Corporation Limited, Asiko Energy, PESO Limited, Kwale Hydrocarbon Nigeria Ltd, Cocean Integrated Nigeria Limited, LGV, and several others.

Additionally, we anticipate the presence of members from the Lagos State Public Service and various Regulatory Authorities.

Event Details:

Date: Tuesday, October 31, 2023

Remember, while attendance is free for Both Members and Non- Members, registration is mandatory. 

Kindly register via the link below for seat reservations.


Enquiry and sponsorship : 07033350473

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