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Health hazard of working in an LPG plant

2 weeks ago

From experience, LPG Plant workers are always given Milk periodically, and it was due to the exposure to LPG. I am not sure about how milk alleviates the supposedly negative effect of LPG exposure but the staff seemed to be in good shape all through the years I was with that company. However, I must say that there is no known negative effect on health due to exposure to LPG, apart from its effect on the heart and nervous system after long exposure with limited oxygen.

2 weeks ago

I worked in a LPG plant as a manager, although a starter as a refilled. Have been manager over 2yrs now, it's once in a while that I handled gas nozzle to refill. For the past a month have been at home,I actually thought it was malaria which I treated but to no avail I later went for a pcv test which I detect I have very low pcv of 16%, the doctor asked me where am I working I said gas plant,she went ahead to ask if we are using nose mask and I said no. She said the LPG am inhaling unconsciously is hazard to my health. That's why I raised this topic