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The Importance Of Getting An NMDPRA License/Permit.

The Importance of Getting an NMDPRA License/Permit.
The Importance Of Getting An NMDPRA License/Permit.

The NMDPRA licensing issue for LPG retailers and operators in Nigeria has been a reason for concern for industry key players this past month. This is the reason why LPG in Nigeria is inclined to be of help to our readers and followers. Our aim is to make sure that no retailer/operator falls victim of the severe penalties that could ensue due to failure to acquire said license. Of course, we have explained in great details the “No License, No Loading Policy” – but due to the agitation of our followers on how to get things done. This post will reiterate again what needs to be done to ensure that you at least make progress before April comes to an end.

To apply for or renew LPG plant permits with NMDPRA, operators can go to https://lpgplant.nmdpra.gov.ng/ and follow the steps provided on the website. The steps include registration, email confirmation, company profile, dashboard, and application for licenses. The website also provides help menus for frequently asked questions, video guides, life chats, and NMDPRA/DPR guidelines on LPG Plant Station Licenses. Now if you need a step by step help on how to go about this then click here and follow the steps there.

Although the grace period is only one month, operators are encouraged to take advantage of it and ensure their facilities are licensed and in compliance with regulatory standards. The high volume of traffic on the website may stymie the process for many LPG retailers/operators, making the timeline insufficient. However, this process will prevent unlicensed facilities from operating and improve operational safety, which is essential for the industry's growth and development in Nigeria.

You might ask the importance of the NMDPRA license for LPG retailers and operators. Well, the simple answer is that it helps ensure that their facilities are operating legally and in compliance with regulatory standards. The lack of proper permits and licenses, LPG businesses could endanger lives and properties which makes it imperative that standards and regulations are reinforced. We already expressed our opinion on the short duration given to operators which seems more of a stretch but we cannot speak for the agency as to whether there will be an extension of the license process. However, we do advise that retailers/operators try their best to get their licenses and permit to avoid future hassles. 

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